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Wirecard Checkout Terminal


You are visiting online documentation which will become obsolete in the near future.
Please take a look at our new online documentation, which describes in more detail how to integrate the Wirecard Payment Gateway into your online shop.

Wirecard Checkout Terminal is the perfect solution for processing written or telephone order payment data, i.e. credit card or bank details needed for SEPA Direct Debit transactions. Payment details of your consumers are recorded in the web-based, password protected Wirecard Checkout Terminal interface and are processed automatically and immediately during the telephone order process. All successful transactions are available in the Wirecard Payment Center. Currently we support Credit Card, SEPA Direct Debit and recurring payment.

Benefits and features

  • Immediate confirmation that the payment has been processed while the consumer is still on the phone, i.e. any incorrect information or typing mistakes can be rectified at once.
  • Processing of all incoming payment data with immediate success control.
  • Payments for orders received by fax or mail can also be processed immediately to complete the orders.
  • Perfectly suited to carry out recurring payments (e.g. subscriptions).
  • Wirecard Checkout Terminal runs in any web browser and no additional software installation is required on your side.

Please use the following access data for testing Wirecard Checkout Terminal in demo mode:

Demo access for testing purposes
Username test
Password jcv45z


For further information and details we invite you to consult the following manuals:

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