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Test Mode

Unlike demo mode, during test mode there is communication between your online shop and a test area provided for this purpose by the relevant financial service provider. However, the payment process is only simulated and no money is transferred.

3-D Secure based
CustomerId D200411
ShopId seamless3D
Non 3-D Secure based
CustomerId D200411
ShopId seamless

Back-end operations

In order to test the back-end operations (Wirecard Checkout Seamless) use the following information:

customerId D200411
password 2g4f9q2m

Wirecard XML interface

Merchants using the Wirecard XML interface for payment methods Credit Card and SEPA Direct Debit and customerId D200411 may also use the test mode with the following payment method specific data.

3-D Secure based
Business case signature 70003
Username 70000
Password TestXAPTER
Non 3-D Secure based
Business case signature 00000031629CAFD5
Username 00000031629CA9FA
Password TestXAPTER

If you have any questions regarding the Wirecard XML interface please do not hesitate to contact our support teams.

Payment method specific test data

Test card numbers

To test the payment with credit and debit cards the following data can be used. The amount is limited to 1000€.

For 3-D Secure

Brand Card number Expiry date CVC Issue no. ACS password
Visa 4012000300001003 01/2023 003 - wirecard
Mastercard 5413330300001006 01/2023 006 - wirecard
Maestro 6799860300001000003 01/2023 003 - wirecard
American Express 375987000000005 01/2023 1005 wirecard

For non 3-D Secure

Brand Credit card number Expiry CVC
Mastercard 5500000000000012 01/23 012
Visa 4200000000000018 01/23 018
American Express 370000000000010 01/23 0010
JCB 3528000000000015 01/23 015
Diners Club 38000000000014 01/23 014
Discover 6011000000000012 01/23 012


In order to test Sofort, you need to use the following test data:

Country Sort code User ID and password Account number TAN
Germany 88888888 Arbitrary Select one from list. Arbitrary
Belgium 999 Arbitrary Select one from list. Arbitrary
All other countries 00000 Arbitrary Select one from list. Arbitrary

Payment method SEPA Direct Debit

To test the payment method SEPA Direct Debit any valid account data can be used.

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