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Demo Mode

To check your integration of Wirecard Checkout Page in your online shop we offer a demo mode including payment method specific data as well as a test mode with the relevant data.

In demo mode there is no communication with your financial service provider but only between your online shop and Wirecard. A connection to the Internet is required to gain access to Wirecard Checkout Seamless. The payment process is only simulated displaying the financial service provider pages as images and the possibility to select a successful or failed payment process result. No money is transferred. Also remember that your executed payments are not displayed in the Wirecard Payment Center.

In order to use Wirecard Checkout Seamless in demo mode during integration, submit the following values for the parameter customerId and the below stated secret for generating the fingerprint. Additionally you need to set the optional request parameter shopId to the value seamless.

customerId D200001
shopId seamless

After completing your integration and testing you can switch from demo mode to test mode by updating the values of the request parameter customerId as well as the value of the secret for generating the fingerprint.

Payment method specific demo data

The following demo data may be used both for trying out our product demos and checking your integration in demo mode. For the different payment methods you need financial data like credit card numbers and specific usernames and passwords. Since these data are not real financial data you will receive an error message from Wirecard if used in production mode.

Please note that our product demos and demo mode settings usually allow for more services and features (e.g. availability of additional payment methods) than you may have ordered for your online shop. Please contact our sales teams if you wish to use one of these services and features also in your productive system.

Credit cards for demo purposes

Credit cards
Card holder Any card holder name is possible.
Credit card number 9500000000000002 Mastercard without Mastercard SecureCode (SSL only)
9500000000000001 Mastercard with Mastercard SecureCode
9400000000000004 Visa without Verified by Visa (SSL only)
9400000000000003 Visa with Verified by Visa
9600000000000005 Maestro with Maestro SecureCode
9100000000000006 American Express (SSL only)
9100000000000005 American Express with American Express SafeKey
9200000000000007 Diners Club (SSL only)
9300000000000008 JCB (SSL only)
9110000000000010 UATP (SSL only)
9090000000000011 Discover (SSL only)
Expiration date Any date in future is possible.
Card verification code (CVC) Any number with 3 digits is possible.

giropay accounts for demo purposes

giropay accounts
Bank sorting code 99000001 Postbank
99000002 Sparkasse
99000003 VR-Bank
Account number Any account number is possible.
Account owner Any name is possible.

Mobile phone invoicing (paybox) numbers for demo purposes

Mobile Phone Invoicing (paybox)
Mobile phone number You can use any number of max. 16 digits without spaces.

Direct Debit data for demo purposes

SEPA Direct Debit
IBAN Alphanumeric within 16 to 34 characters.
BIC Alphanumeric within 8 to 11 characters.
Account owner Any alphanumeric text.
Direct Debit
Bank sorting code Numeric value with at least 5 digits.
Bank Any alphanumeric text.
Account number Numeric value with at least 4 digits.
Account owner Any alphanumeric text.

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