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Customization Templates

General information

During the payment process based on Wirecard Checkout Seamless there are some pages which are managed by the Wirecard Checkout Server. You are able to customize these pages according to your design requirements.

Customization possibilities

Within the custom template files (we provide to you) you are able to customize the following pages:

  • Intermediate page: This page is displaying status information to your consumer during the payment process.
  • Payment page: This page displays content of external pages like authentication of 3-D Secure codes.

Please be aware that you are not able to customize 3rd party pages which may be shown to your consumer during the payment process. Typical examples of such 3rd party pages are handling the 3-D Secure process of credit cards or financial institution dependent online banking pages.

What are the customization restrictions?

During your customization please be aware of the following rules:

  • Do not use JavaScript for security reasons.
  • Do not change the structure of the folders and the names of the files. You can add additional files regarding images, or CSS if you need.
  • Do not remove the tags in the template files otherwise you may lose some specific functionalities within the payment process.
  • All your changes between the tags will be ignored and replaced by our content.
  • The maximum file size of your zipped template must not exceed 2 MB.
  • External links are not permitted.
  • Do not add additional font files.

What are the prerequisites?

The customization of the Wirecard Checkout Seamless is an optional feature which need to be ordered by contacting our sales teams and enabled by our support teams.

What are the steps to perform?

To customize Wirecard Checkout Seamless you have to perform the following steps:

  1. Order this feature for your online shop by contacting our sales teams.
  2. Please be patient till our support teams enable this feature for your online shop.
  3. In the meantime you may already want to start editing the templates to your needs.
  4. After editing of the template files, please send them as a zipped file to our support teams. We will check your customization and configure Wirecard Checkout Seamless according to your needs.

Editing the templates

Download and unzip the templates file

Please download the following zip-file containing the customization templates: (MD5 hash: 5FF6F30826FE49A783156F45310E09BD)

For further information about editing the templates please visit the Customization of Wirecard Checkout Page.

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