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Wirecard Checkout Page

Wirecard Checkout Page is the perfectly suited payment page for your online shop as it supports all popular payment methods. Offering an intuitive user interface, your consumers can conveniently select their preferred payment method and effect their payments in real time while respecting all security standards.

If you are new to e-commerce and first need some basic information especially for defining the checkout process in your online shop, we have compiled for you A Comprehensive Guide to Payment which provides extensive background information and contains the most important milestones summed up in chronological order.

For an overview of this payment solution visit

Integration guide

Benefits and features

  • Quick and easy integration into your online shop.
  • Out-of-the-box user interface in more than 20 languages with ability for customizations.
  • Mobile optimized user interfaces for smartphones and tablets.
  • Support of many global and local financial service providers.
  • Wide range of optional features and functionalities.
  • Optional integration of a risk management.
  • Ensures PCI DSS standard of the PCI Standard Council for secure payment transactions.
  • Dedicated and experienced support teams help you with any issues regarding integration.

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