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Iframe Scrolling and Iframe Sizes

Some specific payment methods offered in the online shop require to redirect the consumer to an external web page hosted at the server of the corresponding financial service provider. This is the case e.g. for authentication pages of credit cards forcing 3-D Secure, such as Verified by Visa or Mastercard SecureCode where the financial service provider or its ACS (Access Control Server) prompts your consumer for an additional 3-D Secure password.

If these external pages are displayed by Wirecard in an iframe within Wirecard Checkout Page, some input fields and buttons may be invisible due to the inadequate dimensioning of the iframe. If this is the case, consumers are not able to enter for instance their secret PIN or password on the relevant authentication pages during the payment process, or are not able to proceed with the payment process because of invisible buttons. As a consequence, consumers may cancel the payment process which in turn reduces your conversion rate.

Example of incorrect iframe visualization where the buttons for proceeding with the payment process are not visible:

In order to solve this inconvenience and allow visualization of all relevant input fields and buttons, the iframe scrolling behavior and iframe display size of external pages is configured by our support teams to ensure any content embedded in the iframe may be viewed and accessed completely by consumers.

The following configuration options regarding iframe scrolling behavior and iframe size are available:

Options for iframe scrolling

Possible value Description
auto Default value; if auto is set, iframe scrollbars are displayed automatically if the content cannot be displayed adequately within the size dimensions of the iframe.
yes If yes is set, scrollbars always appear regardless of whether they are required or not.
no If no is set, iframe scrollbars are always disabled.

Example of correct iframe visualization (selecting auto):

Options for iframe size

The default value is 390px x 400px. Other iframe dimensions for external pages may be configured by our support teams.

Example of correct iframe visualization (selecting auto and adjusting iframe size correspondingly):

Please contact our support teams to change your merchant configuration correspondingly.

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