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Switching to Wirecard Payment Processing Gateway

This general guide provides information on how to switch from Wirecard Checkout Enterprise (legacy stack) to the new Wirecard Payment Processing Gateway stack.
It includes descriptions of the components used and compares their different functionalities.

Classification of Components

Wirecard Checkout Enterprise (legacy) Wirecard Payment Processing Gateway (new stack)
Endpoint QTill Server Wirecard Payment Processing Gateway
Interface Serial API (SAPI)
Toolkit & Toolkit light
Libraries Java API (JAPI)
Toolkit (PHP, ASP, perl)
Wirecard PHP Payment SDK


  • Java API for Wirecard Checkout Enterprise endpoint (QTill Server).
  • Merchant side application to process payment transactions.
  • Software library for a straight-forward implementation of payment solutions in Java systems.
  • Server requests are bundled to simplify integration.
  • Allows front-end and/or back-end operations (initial and follow-up transactions).
  • PCI certification needed for processing plain text credit card data.


  • REST interface for Wirecard Payment Processing Gateway endpoint.
  • Merchants have full control over checkout and payment processes.
  • Requests are sent via HTTPS protocol.
  • Advanced programming skills are required to integrate the REST API.
  • PCI certification needed for processing plain text credit card data.
  • Allows front-end and/or back-end operations (initial and follow-up transactions).
  • Document Center provides examples and documentation.

Wirecard PHP Payment SDK

  • PHP software development kit to integrate Wirecard payment solutions.
  • Technical connection between merchant system and Wirecard solutions.
  • Simplifies the use of the Wirecard REST API.
  • Free of charge PHP software library.
  • Updated on a regular basis.

Integrate with REST API or Wirecard PHP Payment SDK?

REST API Wirecard PHP Payment SDK
  • Highly configurable.
  • Can be customized to all systems.
  • Independent of programming language.
  • Multiple requests are necessary to process a transaction.
  • Simplifies the use of the REST API.
  • Straight-forward integration of payment solutions.
  • Only available in PHP.
  • Bundles requests into single functions.
  • Credit card payments are implemented in Seamless mode for Payment Page or WPP (Wirecard Payment Page).

Benefits of REST API compared to JAPI/Serial API

  • State-of-the-art RESTful web service.
  • More payment methods available (e.g. ApplePay).
  • Extensive documentation (including examples), which is updated constantly.

Wirecard Checkout Enterprise Workflow

Wirecard Payment Processing Gateway Workflow

Core Features Overview

This table gives an overview of the main features and functions of each solution and shows the respective counterparts. The functions cannot be seen as equivalents and cannot be used as a copy-paste replacement. However, they show how certain functionalities can be implemented. Click here for core feature details.

Operation JAPI/Serial API -
Transaction Types
Toolkit -
PHP Functions
Toolkit Light
Wirecard PHP Payment SDK -
Initiate a payment INITIATEPAYMENT
  • preauthorization
  • authorization
  • authorization-only
  • authorization-supplementary
  • final-authorization
  • get-url
  • debit
  • purchase
  • check-enrollment
- -
  • reserve()
  • pay()
Seamless Payment Page for credit card
Verify status of an asynchronous payment VERIFYPAYMENT

For 3-D Secure payments:
Retrieve transaction by request-id

For 3-D Secure payments:
queryOrders() with orderNumber as primary key getOrderDetails Notification received from server-to-server request
Query status of multiple orders QUERYORDERS merchant side implementation queryOrders() - merchant side implementation
Query status of refunds QUERYCREDITS merchant side implementation queryCredits() - merchant side implementation
Query status of Day-End-Closing QUERYBATCHES no longer needed queryBatches() - no longer needed
Settle a payment DEPOSIT
  • capture-authorization
  • capture-preauthorization
  • capture-final-auth
deposit() deposit pay()
Initiate a recurring payment RECURPAYMENT
  • debit
  • authorization
  • referenced-authorization
  • referenced-purchase
recurPayment() recurPayment pay() with given tokenID from previous successful authorization/payment
Initiate a refund REFUND
  • refund-capture
  • refund-purchase
  • refund-debit
  • refund-request
  • first-cb
  • second-cb
refund() refund cancel() or credit()
Reverse a payment approval APPROVEREVERSAL
  • void-authorization
  • void-preauthorization
  • void-final-authorization
  • reversal-authorization
  • void-debit
  • void-auth-supplementary
approveReversal() approveReversal cancel()
Reverse a payment deposit DEPOSITREVERSAL
  • void-capture
  • void-debit
  • void-purchase
  • reversal-purchase
  • void-capture-final-auth
  • void-capture-preauthorization
depositReversal() depositReversal cancel()

Further Information

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