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Wirecard Shop Plugin for modified eCommerce

Installation guide for Wirecard Checkout Seamless

This installation guide will show you the step-by-step installation of the plugin to your installed shop system on your web server. Please test your online shop and the configuration of the plugin on a test system, before you install the plugin on your production system.

Step 1

Upload the zip file containing the Wirecard Checkout Seamless plugin to the document root of your modified eCommerce installation and unzip the file. The zip-archive already contains the directory path allowing the plugin to be stored automatically in the right folder.

If you need to unzip the file on your own computer and then upload the plugin, please maintain the directory structure which already exists in the zip file.

Next you need to install the plugin in the shop administration (simply extracting the files is not enough), in the main menu go to “Modules” → “Payment Methods”:

Step 2

Select and install the desired payment method for the Wirecard Checkout Seamless plugin.

Example Credit Card:

Step 3

After installing the payment method configure the plugin.

By clicking the “edit” button you can activate the payment method, set allowed zones and the display order.

For payment methods Invoice and Installment more options are available (provider, payolution terms, payolution mID, billing/shipping address must be identical, allowed billing countries, accepted currencies, consumer minimum age, order minimum amount, order maximum amount, minimum basket size, maximum basket size).

Invoice settings:

For required and global payment settings (secret, customer ID, etc.) click “Wirecard Checkout Seamless Configuration”.

Step 4

Set your Customer ID and the Secret in “Wirecard Checkout Seamless Configuration” > “Configuration” > “Required Settings”:

Plugin modes

The following modes can be selected in “Configuration”:

  • Demo: Demo mode configuration. No communication with your financial service provider but only between your online shop and the Wirecard Checkout Server.
  • Test: During test mode there is communication between your online shop and a test bank or demo bank provided for this purpose by the relevant financial service provider. However, the payment process is only simulated and no money is transferred.
  • Production: Make sure all of your tests were properly executed before you switch to production mode. After successful testing you can change the plugin mode to “Production”.

By selecting Demo or Test, customerId, secret, shopId and back-end password will be completed automatically.

Step 5

Additionally, set a ServiceUrl (URL to contact page). Set the final order states for successful, pending, failure and canceled orders, and back-end password for back-end transactions.

Additional settings

Automated deposit: To prevent the expiration of uncaptured payments you may select this feature which enables an automated deposit and day-end closing of payments. Please contact our sales teams to enable this feature. If you select this feature without previous enabling you will get an error message.

Allowing MoTo for group: Since the payment method “Credit Card - Mail Order and Telephone Order” must never be offered to any of your consumers, a specific group can be selected for which this payment method is visible. Go to “Wirecard Checkout Seamless Credit Card – Mail Order and Telephone Order” → Edit).

PCI DSS SAQ A Compliance

The shop plugin fulfills the requirements for credit card payments set forth in the PCI DSS v3.2.1 which is mandatory for all e-commerce merchants as of January 1st, 2018. Following this standard, a merchant's web site(s) is not allowed to itself handle sensitive credit card specific data. Please visit PCI DSS SAQ A Compliance for Wirecard Checkout Seamless for more information and details.

“SAQ A compliance” is not selected by default, which means that the rather stringent SAQ A-EP is applicable for your online shop and Wirecard Checkout Seamless will not be integrated with the “PCI DSS SAQ A Compliance” feature.

Please note that for using the “PCI DSS SAQ A Compliance” feature for Wirecard Checkout Seamless, “SAQ A Compliance” must explicitly be checked.

To customize the iframe input fields when using the “PCI DSS SAQ A Compliance” feature, enter a full URL to a CSS file on your server into the “Iframe CSS URL” field.

Please note that due to security reasons neither url() functions nor @import directives (e.g. external fonts) are allowed in the CSS file. If they are used they will be ignored.

Select Display card holder field if you wish to display the card holder field for “PCI DSS SAQ A Compliance” and correspondingly the other credit card fields.

Step 6

Finally, verify that the Wirecard Checkout Seamless payment method is displayed on the checkout page:

Example: Credit Card


Why is the plugin not working after the update?

Please delete your shop and/or template caches if they are activated.

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