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Wirecard Shop Plugin for WooCommerce

Installation guide for Wirecard Checkout Page

This installation guide shows the step-by-step installation of the plugin to your installed shop system on your web server. Please test your online shop and the configuration of the plugin on a test system before installing the plugin on your production system.

Step 1

Upload the zip file containing the Wirecard Checkout Page plugin, using the Plugin management function of WordPress, or upload it directly to the wp-content/plugins directory of your WordPress installation.

Step 2

After installing the plugin, you have to activate the plugin, otherwise the plugin will not be available in WooCommerce. Please proceed to “Plugins” and click “Activate”.

Step 3

Now you need to configure the plugin, please proceed to “WooCommerce” → “Settings” → “Checkout” and click the “Wirecard Checkout Page” button.

Step 4

Configure the plugin; it is very important that you set a Service Url (e.g. the URL to your imprint), otherwise no payments will be possible.

Step 5

Finally, please verify that the Wirecard Checkout Page payment method is displayed on the checkout page.


I enabled Invoice or Installment as payment method in the administration panel. Why is none of these two shown on my shop frontend page?

Invoice and installment are only visible if the criteria defined in your contract concluded with the financial institution (e.g. payolution) are met. For more information please check the payment method specific documentation for your invoice/installment provider payolution: Invoice and Installment.

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