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Please have a look at our General information regarding Wirecard Shop Plugins for an overview and introduction to the use of our plugins in your shop system.

For an overview of the shop system visit our article at

Wirecard Checkout Page for Shopware 5

Shop Plugin Install Package
MD5 hash 97AC1EBFC444756E0FDB959A1E36830F
Source Code Repository GitHub
Shopware Store
Documentation Installation guide, Change log
Plugin version 1.5.1 (2017-07-10)
Tested version(s) Shopware 5.2.25 and Shopware 5.2.26 with PHP 5.6 and PHP 7.0
Compatibility Shopware 5.2.0 up to and including Shopware 5.2.26

GitHub provides the possibility to get notifications on plugin updates. If you want to be notified by email, select “watching” on the GitHub notification status page.

After updating the plugin, purge the cache of your Shopware installation a second time. Select “Configuration”, click “Caches / performance”, select the “Cache” tab and click “Refresh”.

Be careful after installing/updating the plugin from the GitHub master branch. Your Shopware installation will notify you about an upgrade at the Shopware store. This upgrade will revert the plugin to the latest version on the Shopware store.

Do not install the plugin from two sources at the same time.

Supported payment methods

The following list summarizes all payment methods supported by our plugin for Shopware 5 and Wirecard Checkout Page:

Please note that the parameter paymentType is used to define the value of the payment method the user selected in your online shop. For a list of all parameter values go to payment types.


The plugin is incompatible with the statistics plugin from Shopware AG in the default configuration. What is the problem?

Plugins with a version lower than v1.10.3 are incompatible with the statistics plugin from Shopware AG in the default configuration. In order to avoid any unintended consequences, we recommend to carry out test transactions prior to live operation.

If there are any irregularities in your transactions you may either uninstall the statistics plugin, see screen “Plugin Manager”, or follow these steps to edit the plugin in order to prevent such irregularities:

Go to the “Configuration” tab. Click “Plugin Manager”.

Select “Installed”, select “Statistiken” and click the edit button.

Next, delete ;HTTPclient from the bot-List.

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