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Change log

for OXID eSales and Wirecard Checkout Page

Version 2.8.3 (2018-01-18)

  • Remove payment method @Quick.

Tested versions: Oxid Community Edition 4.10.6 with PHP 5.6

Version 2.8.2 (2017-09-25)

  • Rename payment method SOFORT Banking to Sofort./Online bank transfer.
  • Change “SOFORT Banking” logo to Klarna logo.

Tested versions: Oxid Community Edition 4.10.5 with PHP 5.6

Version 2.8.1 (2017-08-30)

  • Add new parameter consumerDeviceId.

Tested versions: Oxid Community Edition 4.10.5 with PHP 5.6

Version 2.8.0 (2017-06-13)

  • Remove payment methods mpass and Skrill Direct.
  • Implement payment method Masterpass.
  • Add separate configs for payment methods Invoice and Installment.
  • Add dropdown for financialInstitution in frontend for payment methods eps-Überweisung and iDEAL.
  • Add new init parameters.
  • Update basket parameters to new version.
  • Update payment method logos.

Tested versions: Oxid Community Edition 4.10.4 with PHP 5.6

Version 2.7.1 (2017-04-18)

  • Add trim to request fingerprint.
  • Update fingerprint comparison for pending payments.

Tested versions: Oxid Community Edition 4.10.1 and Oxid Enterprise Edition 5.2.9 with PHP 5.6

Version 2.7.0 (2016-12-05)

  • Add new parameter for payment method paysafecard.
  • Improve security on payment server response.

Tested versions: Oxid Community Edition 4.10.1 with PHP 5.6

Version 2.6.3 (2016-05-25)

  • Possibility for discounts when forwarding shopping basket data added.

Version 2.6.2 (2016-04-13)

  • Improvements regarding the sending of e-mail notifications. E-mails are only sent on first confirmation when state is PENDING.
  • Improvements regarding the fingerprint validation.
  • Improvements regarding the order state.

Version 2.6.1 (2016-02-03)

  • Improvements regarding PHP 5.3 compatibility.

Version 2.6.0 (2016-01-25)

  • Page to send shop configuration to support added.
  • Option to configure the use of iframe for each payment method added.
  • Option to override the iframe settings for mobile devices added.
  • New payment methods TatraPay, TrustPay,, My Voucher, Invoice B2B, Installment RatePay / Wirecard, Invoice RatePay / Wirecard added.
  • Update of hash algorithm to HMAC-SHA-512.

Version 2.5.3 (2014-11-10)

  • Improvements regarding leading and trailing spaces in request fingerprint calculation.

Version 2.5.2 (2014-01-22)

  • Added support regarding SEPA.
  • Plugin updated to Oxid 4.8.1.

Version 2.5.1

  • Fixed translations to be 4.8CE/5.1EE compatible.
  • Fixed language change on successUrl caused by our return-parameter language.
  • Tested plugin with latest CE and EE oxid versions.

Version 2.5.0

  • New payment methods eKonto, Instantbank, mpass, Skrill Direct and Skrill Digital Wallet added.
  • Improvements regarding Przelewy24 and when using “Send additional customer data” in combination with customer birthday.

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