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Wirecard Payment Center


You are visiting online documentation which will become obsolete in the near future.
Please take a look at our new online documentation, which describes in more detail how to integrate the Wirecard Payment Gateway into your online shop.

Wirecard Payment Center is an integral part of all Wirecard CEE solutions. Designed as a bookkeeping interface, Wirecard Payment Center supports the management of your payment transactions (authorizations, cancelations, credits, etc.).

Benefits and features

  • Web interface for managing payments (approvals, cancelations, credits, etc.)
  • No software installation, 100% web-based
  • Username and password-protected access
  • Wide choice of automation configurations

Access data for testing

Use the following access data for testing Wirecard Payment Center in demo mode:

Demo access for testing purposes
Username test
Password jcv45z

Please be aware that when using this test account all data displayed in the Wirecard Payment Center are only demo data which cannot be changed by any action you take.

Manuals and guides

For further information and details we invite you to consult the following manuals and guides:

If you wish to integrate the functionality of the Wirecard Payment Center into your systems (e.g. accounting or warehouse mananagement) for automation please use our Toolkit zum Wirecard Payment Center (MD5 Hash: CA294AF90825DBA49299D61A4240447F)

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