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 +====== Order flow diagram ======
 +The following order flow diagram is intended to give an abstract description of the order flow behavior based on transactions involving **invoice and installment by RatePAY**.
 +{{ :payment_methods:ratepay:orderflowdesign_invoice_installment.png?direct |}}
 +To interprete this diagram, the successful completion of a NEW PAYMENT is assumed. Starting from this operation it is possible to carry out different transaction-based operations such as ''deposit'' and ''approveReversal'' which are described in [[back-end_operations:transaction-based:start]] for Wirecard Checkout Page and Wirecard Checkout Seamless.
 +For the explanation of the different status descriptions included in this diagram have a look at [[back-end_operations:transaction-based:getorderdetails#additional_response_parameters|payment.{n}.{m}.state]], [[back-end_operations:transaction-based:getorderdetails#additional_response_parameters|order.{n}.state]] and [[back-end_operations:transaction-based:getorderdetails#additional_response_parameters|credit.{n}.state]] which are response parameters of the back-end operation [[back-end_operations:transaction-based:getorderdetails|getOrderDetails]].
 +Please refer to [[:prerequisites#day-end_closings|day-end closings]] and [[:prerequisites#uncaptured_approvals|uncaptured approvals]] for additional details you need  to be aware of.

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