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Information for Switching Merchants

Technical information

After your back-end has been migrated from Wirecard Checkout Enterprise (legacy stack) to the new Wirecard Payment Processing Gateway stack, contact support to get new Wirecard Payment Processing Gateway credentials.
You can use both systems at the same time. However, during the transition phase we recommend:

  • Transactions which are initiated in a specific front-end should be completed in the corresponding back-end:
Front-end Corresponding back-end
Wirecard Checkout Page/Wirecard Checkout Seamless Wirecard Checkout Enterprise (WCE)
Payment Page/Wirecard Payment Page Wirecard Payment Processing Gateway
  • Transactions routed through WDCEE legacy products appear in both WPC (Wirecard Payment Center) and WEP (Wirecard Enterprise Portal).
  • Transaction routed through Wirecard Payment Processing Gateway stack appear in WEP only.
  • We strongly recommend not to split up a payment process between the systems:
    • Follow-up operations (capture, refund, void) for transactions initiated in WCP/WCS or WCE should be done in WCE.
    • Follow-up operations (capture, refund, void) for transactions initiated in Payment Page/WPP or Wirecard Payment Processing Gateway cannot be done in WCE!
    • At the moment, migrating recurring transactions is only possible for credit card transactions.
      You need to contact support and provide a list of order numbers for which recurring payments are to be performed.

Front-end Operations Workflow

Front-end Configuration

Default Configuration

After having switched to Wirecard Payment Processing Gateway, both Payment Page and Wirecard Payment Page are activated by default.

Additional Configuration

Further settings are configured by support:

  • WPP designer (deactivated by default):
    In order to use the WPP designer, the designer password needs to be set by support.
  • Cancel link to avoid pending payments from asynchronous transactions which are cancelled by the customer.
  • Cross Payment Method Referencing (Cross-Merchant Referencing).
  • Payment method „SELECT“ (requests without payment method selection in Wirecard Checkout Page/Wirecard Checkout Seamless) must be configured separately for Wirecard Payment Processing Gateway.

Some configuration options can be specified with request data (see documentation for Payment Page/Wirecard Payment Page).

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