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 +===== Deprecated request parameter ===== 
 +^ The following chapter is only relevant if you do **NOT** use the responsive design of Wirecard Checkout Page. If you wish to switch to the responsive design, please contact our [[:support|support teams]]. ^
 +==== Request parameter - layout ====
 +^ Parameter  ^ Within fingerprint  ^ Data type ^ History ^ 
 +| [[#layout]]  | Optional  | Enumeration of "desktop", "smartphone" or "tablet". | Only needed for non-responsive design. |
 +==== layout ====
 +With the parameter ''layout'' you can define how the Wirecard Checkout Page is presented to your consumer in your online shop. We support the following device types with optimized layout regarding their specific form factors and input methods:
 +  * desktop: any devices having a keyboard, a touchpad or a mouse as input devices (including also notebooks and netbooks)
 +  * tablet: any tablets with a screen size beginning with 7"
 +  * smartphone: any smartphones with a screen size below 7"
 +Within your online shop you are able to decide which layout you want to use within the Wirecard Checkout Page. This can be done by setting this parameter to one of the following values: "desktop", "tablet" or "smartphone".
 +If you do not use this parameter the default layout used within the Wirecard Checkout Page will be the desktop layout.
 +By enabling and using this layout within your online shop you are able to support mobile payments without any further effort from your side.
 +Please be aware that some payment methods like Credit Cards with 3-D Secure enabled or internet banking require to open new browser windows to display native pages of the corresponding financial providers. We do not have any influence on these pages and their layout. Especially we cannot influence their capabilities regarding design and usability when opened on mobile devices.

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