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Customization for Mobile Devices

This chapter is only relevant if you do NOT use the responsive design of Wirecard Checkout Page. If you wish to switch to the responsive design, please contact our support teams.

Testing responsive and non-responsive design

FIXME: WHR - chapter nur unter deprecated, interessiert neue Händler nicht

You can test both the responsive and non-responsive design of Wirecard Checkout Page with your customer ID using two different IDs for the optional request parameter shopId.

For each shop ID a different design can be set to e.g. compare the two layouts.

Then either

  • Randomly select one of the shop IDs when a consumer starts the payment.
  • Or set the first shop ID in your online shop and change the configuration at a later time.
  • Or select a configuration depending on the country your consumer is resident.

Please contact our support teams to configure two shop IDs.


General information

If the default design and layout of the Wirecard Checkout Page mobile do not fit to the design and layout of your online shop, you have the possibility to modify the current design of the Wirecard Checkout Page mobile by using customized templates for tablet and smartphone devices.

Editing the templates

Downloading and unzipping the templates file for tablet and/or smartphone customization:

Device type Template MD5 hash
Tablet customization template for tablet 0179B614349F56EE78F682360F46AE2B
Smartphone customization template for smartphone F1866603075AB022EDC18C03A1AA3E12

These mobile templates are based on jQuery mobile.

We are using the following standard themes:

  • Theme a for general layout
  • Theme b for the next button
  • Theme d for the QINFOTEXT and QORDERINFO (ui-body-d)
  • Theme e for cancel button and for QERRORTEXT on intermediate page (ui-body-e)

You can use jQuery's Themeroller for a visual editing of the themes. Additionally you have the possibility to directly edit the files in your favorite text editor.

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